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(b.1987, Singapore)

Born in 1987, Luke Heng is interested in the dialectics between painting, object, and picture making. His practice revolves around the conceptualisation and physical manifestation of painting with his works often responding to the history of painting while drawing from various other art forms to influence his approach and process, constantly questioning the possibilities of a painting. Forms as markers that demarcate spaces in general, is Heng’s subject. His painterly works are specifically a change of illusiveness, or cycles of illusions, that he’s creating. Heng investigates themes of perception and optics by shifting bands of lines within the visual frame; depth and perspective are introduced to build what the artist refers to as a “resting space” for the mind.

Heng has since been actively exhibiting both locally and internationally. His first solo exhibition, The Waiting Room, was held at FOST Gallery, Singapore in 2015. Followed by a solo exhibition at Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Paris, France the following year. His recent solo outings, After Asphodel, took place at Pearl Lam Galleries, Singapore in 2017 as well as AL/linum at A+ works of art in 2019. He was selected to participate in the Dena Foundation Artist Residency Program in Paris, France, supported by the National Arts Council, Singapore.