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(b. 1982, Singapore)

Chun Kai Qun, born in 1982, is interested in the study of object biographies to better our understanding of how they texture and inform human identity. He examines everyday objects as a reflection of personal tastes, attributes, moral principles and social ideals. This research drives his artistic practice and materialises mainly in the form of sculptures and installations. In 2020, he co-started wujinyihang, an experimental project space that advocates a hands-on materialist approach to culture. Chun was also the co-founder of the curatorial collective LATENT SPACES, which reinvents idle spaces in Singapore as platforms for experimental art.

Chun was conferred the Young Artist Award in 2015, Singapore’s highest award for young arts practitioners. He received his Master of Fine Art from the renowned Glasgow School of Art. In 2011, Chun was awarded the prestigious NAC Arts Scholarship (Overseas). He was also the recipient of the Arts Creation Fund in the same year. Chun has participated extensively in art exhibitions, residencies, and collaborations. His work has been shown in Singapore Art Museum, National Museum of Singapore, Esplanade Concourse (Singapore), Esplanade Jendela (Singapore), Art Stage Singapore, Singapore Management University, FOST Gallery (Singapore), Valentine Willie Fine Art (Singapore), POST-Museum (Singapore), Gertrude Contemporary Art Centre (Melbourne), National Taipei University of Education (Taiwan) and The Glasgow School of Art (Scotland).