Past Exhibition


Teo Eng Seng

(b. 1938- Singapore)

Teo Eng Seng (张永⽣), a celebrated artist, was born in 1938 and has significantly contributed to Singapore’s visual arts scene. His interdisciplinary approach and use of innovative materials and mediums have made him a highly respected figure in the art world. Teo’s notable invention of “paperdyesculp,” which involves mixing wet paper, dying it, and sculpting it, has garnered much attention, and his works have gained a loyal following. The National Gallery Singapore also holds several pieces in its permanent collection, solidifying his place in Singapore’s rich artistic heritage.

In 1986, Teo was awarded the Cultural Medallion in recognition of his significant contributions to the visual arts. In the same year, his work “The Net” was presented at the National Gallery Singapore, showcasing his invention of the paperdyesculp, or pulped paper, as a medium to tell the story of the rich history of the Singapore River. Teo actively contributes to many events like Singapore Art Week, solo exhibitions and workshops, with the most recent called “Play” in January 2023, which he held at his studio space at Telok Kurau Studios. His most important contributions also lie in art education and his advisory role to various art institutions and national committees.

Advocating art and nurturing the local art scene are among Teo’s priorities. He taught art at the United World College for 25 years until 1996, when he became a full-time artist. In 2006, he converted his family photo studio at Holland Village into a gallery to showcase local artworks. While there, he organised a series of five exhibitions to challenge second-generation artists to break new ground. In 2008, he transformed his Peranakan home in Katong into Muse House to hold showcases of his works and those of second-generation artists and contemporary artists for free. As part of his continual effort to promote and nurture new artists, Teo organised an exhibition for an emerging artist, Tumadi Patri, at DLR Gallery@Muse House in 2014. He has also mentored artists like Sunny Chyun, winner of the 2017 UOB Painting of the Year (Singapore) Award. He has served on various art committees to advise on art directions. Teo is still active with his art practice and continues to contribute to the arts community.
Solo Exhibition
2023TEO ENG SENG: 50 YEARS OF DEFYING THE NORM, The Columns Gallery Singapore
2023Don’t play play lah: Study! Solo Exhibition Workshop by Teo Eng Seng, Studio 103 at a Telok Kurau Studios, Singapore
2016The Net: Most Definitely the Singapore River, Keppel Centre for Art Education, National Gallery Singapore, 10-11 September.
2013Why Paint? An Exhibition of Recent Works by Teo Eng Seng, DLR Gallery, Singapore.
2009Large Paintings Reworked, DLR Gallery, Singapore.2011: Experiential Recalls (Cultural Medallion grant exhibition), Muse House, Singapore, 10-24 April 2011.
2008Works Spanning 50 Years, Muse House, Singapore, 17-27 July.
2005Cute. Serious. Smart. Adorable, DLR Gallery, Singapore, 2-10 July.
1997Running-In: An Art Exhibition of Recent Paperdyesculp, The Substation, Singapore, 22 May-1 June.
1989Humanity Nurturing Humanity, a performance-exhibition-dialogue in the vicinity of the Tate Gallery, London; Tate Gallery, Liverpool; Museum of Modern Art, Oxford; Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham; the Artists’ Village, Singapore.
1988On the Other Side of Silence (OTOSOS), Camden Arts Centre, London, 8-24 April.
1981Turning Point: An Exhibition of Paperdyesculp, Paintings and Mixed Media Sculptures, Alpha Gallery, Singapore, 17-31 October.
1959An Exhibition of Paintings & Drawings by Teo Eng Seng, Pasir Panjang Secondary School, Singapore, 13-15 August.
Group Exhibition
2022"Tomorrow" Telok Kurau Studios Exhibition - Group Exhibition, Singapore
2022We're Young Once Group Exhibition, Art Agenda @ 63 Spottiswoode, Singapore