Past Exhibition


Jung Jong Mee

b.1957- Korea

Born in 1957 in Korea, Jung Jong Mee has gained widespread recognition for her extraordinary talent in working with hanji, the traditional Korean paper made from mulberry trees, and for her artistic portrayal of women. Growing up in a conservative environment in Daegu, she developed a deep fascination with the women who played significant roles in her life. By closely observing her mother, grandmother, and other female figures, she cultivated a profound empathy and understanding for their experiences.

Jung Jong Mee firmly believed in the untapped potential of women and their innate ability to contribute harmoniously alongside men. Motivated by this belief, she channeled her artistic expression into depicting women using hanji, a material that perfectly encapsulated the qualities she associated with Korean women - a remarkable blend of resilience and tenderness. The traditional Korean paper possessed a unique combination of durability and softness, mirroring the characteristics she admired in the women around her. In her artworks, Jung Jong Mee particularly focused on depicting Korean mothers who, despite their exhausting daily routines, would tirelessly work late into the night. Under the gentle glow of a lantern, they would meticulously thread needles with vibrant colored threads, weaving intricate patterns on cloths adorned with the five directional colors. These exquisite cloths were intended to be used as elegant wrapping materials, symbolizing the transformative power of these women who embodied hope and dedication. Stitch by stitch, they poured their passion into delicate embroidery, creating the most beautiful and refined garments. Through series such as "Mrs. Paper Women" and "Wrapping Cloth Women," Jung Jong Mee pays homage to these exceptional women, creating scrolled memorials that honor and cherish the legacy of our mothers.

Until 2021, Jung Jong Mee held the esteemed position of Professor at the Department of Fine Art in Korea University. Her remarkable artistic contributions have been acknowledged with prestigious awards, including the Lee Insung Award in 2012 and the Lee Jungseob Award in 2001. Notably, her works have been sought after by esteemed institutions such as the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea University Museum, and Seoul National University, where they are proudly showcased in their collections.
1980Seoul National University, Department of painting
1984Master's degree, Seoul National University, Department of Korean Painting
1995School of Parsons in New York
Dieu Donne Paper Mill & Printmaking Workshop New York
2001The 13th Lee-Jungseob Award
2012The 13th Lee-Insung Award
2023Jung Jong Mee Solo Exhibition, The Columns Gallery, Singapore
20232023 Tokyo Gendai, The Columns Gallery, Yokohama, Japan
2023The New Peach Garden, Woljeon Museum, Icheon
2022Mentor and Mentee, Hanwon Museum of Art, Seoul
2021Mentor and Mentee, Hanwon Museum of Art, Seoul
2020.04Portrait, Figure and People, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
2020The Great Epics, Daegu Art Museum
2017.02the 21th Solo Exhibition, Dedicado a la Feminidad
2014.02The 20th Solo Exhibition, Korea University Museum, Seoul
2014Birth of a New Taste for the Arts, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2013AMMA, UMMA!, India International Center, India
2013History & Heritage, Korea University Museum, Korea
2012.06the 18th Solo Exhibition, From Women To Women, Madrid
2009.02The 15th Solo Exhibition, Keumho Museum, Seoul
2007.04Korean Art 1953-2007, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2006.06100 years of Korean Art, MMCA, Guacheon
2002.04Infinite Change, Gana Art Center, Seoul
2001.09The 6th Solo Exhibition, Keumho Museum, Seoul
2000Echo Feminism, NASH gallery, Minesota, USA
1991.09The 1st Solo Exhibition, Ja.Yeon.In, baegak Museum, Seoul
1990Young Korean Artists, MMCA, Guacheon
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Seoul Museum of Art, Busan Museum of Art
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Leeum Samsumg Museum of Art
Kumho Museum of Art, Korea University Museum
Park Sugeun Museum, Seoul National University