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Estelle Tcha

(b.1993, Korea, lives and works in Seoul, South Korea)

Estelle Tcha is an interdisciplinary artist with a BFA in fine arts and BA in philosophy and art history. She has extended her studies into other disciplines-fashion, game design and media studies-broadening the medium of her work. Tcha spent her childhood in the vast nature of Australia and later studied abroad in Seoul, Boston, London, Paris and New York. Her instincts as a nature empath, blended with her multicultural upbringing, births intuitive yet cultivated expositions investigating global phenomena.

The core of Tcha’s practice is the concept of cyclicality; where eastern philosophical thought shapes her inquisitive views on “value” and “connectivity” in the human experience. Hereon, Tcha masters the evolution of spaces: where energy deviates between flowing movements and emptiness reimagines new pathways. When desired, Tcha also dapples beyond the plane into experiential forms of art through fashion, video, and game design.

<Moon Dance, Oasis (2023)> draws upon the human desire to connect, celebrate, hope and desire, a human closeness that was sought for during the 2019 pandemic. It is an extended continuum from her previous <Cyclicality> series, where horse figures are utilized as a metaphor for human energy and soul. Here, each figure comes together in harmonious motion, exuding a sense of freedom and individuality while remaining part of the collective whole-a testament to the power of community and shared experience.

The <Saturation of the Soul> series borrows thought from “Samsara”, the six ways or realms of reincarnation. Unlike its prior <Cyclicality of Life>, each painting introduces colour as each soul is imagined to be imbuing unique hues as it absorbs energy, experience and engagement. What are you letting your soul soak in, for it to become yours? How do we choose, or surrender to, the influences of the physical world? How does physicality feed and in turn saturate the soul? As work exceeds beyond the tangible reality, Tcha's evolving expressions blossoms into a universal message of “oneness”.
2020-2023 Fall Central Saint Martins, BFA Integrated Semester Abroad, London, UK
2017 Fall Central Saint Martins, BFA Integrated Semester Abroad, London, UK
2012-2018 B.F.A. in Fine Art, Minor in Art History, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Dual Degree) Boston, MA, USA
2012-2018 B.A. in Philosophy, Minor in Communications & Media Studies, Tufts University, Medford, MA, USA
2020-2023 M.A. in Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design, focus on Game Design, Columbia University New York, NY, USA
2024POP STREET 66, Museum Wave Korea, Seoul, South Korea
2023FEMALARITY, Volery Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2023Solo Exhibition: Cyclicality, Extended, PRGM, Seoul, South Korea
2023EEE NFT: PHYSICAL FIRST, CANVAS 3.0, Oculus World Trade Center, New York, NY
2022Solo Exhibition: 윤회: Cyclicality, Soul Art Space, Busan, South Korea
2021Shadows, The Stable, S-Chanf, CH
2020eee POP-UP exhibition, Sync, Seoul, South Korea
2019Upcycle Social Club, 8Ball Society NYC, New York, NY
2018Central Saint Martins Group Show, London, UK
2017Familiar Patterns, Matter & Light, SoWA Boston, MA
2017Borders, Polykhroma, Boston, MA
2012#leftovers Group Show, SMFA, Boston, MA